Traditional performance shows (Kabuki etc.) + performing arts workshops


Experience the finest traditional performing arts workshop after watching performances, presented by graduates of the Japan Arts Council's training program.


The six national theaters under the Japan Arts Council, as the sole national training organization, have long been dedicated to nurturing performers in various genres such as Nohgaku, Bunraku, Kabuki, Kumiodori, Engei, opera, ballet, and drama.


We are excited to announce a groundbreaking performance where young graduates, who are now professional performers in their respective genres, will come together on the stage of the National Theatre in Tokyo. Under the shared theme of "Celebration" blooming towards the future, they will showcase the essence of each genre in a short period of time. This unique project is only possible with the Japan Arts Council, which conducts numerous training programs in stage arts across its six national theaters.


Furthermore, after the performances, we have prepared four workshops featuring Nohgaku, Bunraku, Kabuki, and Kumiodori, all of which are representative of Japan's intangible cultural heritage listed on UNESCO's Representative List. Led by the performers themselves, these workshops offer a special opportunity to experience the distinct characteristics of each art form while having fun.


Don't miss this valuable chance to immerse yourself in the "present" of Japan's stage arts, ranging from traditional performing arts to opera, ballet, and drama.